Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. I’m Jen the owner of FoodEtique webpage. This is my first blog that covers various topics from cooking to personal life. I’m not an expert cook but as I grew up exposed to cooking and helping my family in our business. I started to love and enjoy it.

When I want to cook, I just ask my mom for the recipe, and then follow it step-by-step until I can cook by me. Watching on YouTube or reading from the food blog helps me to learn more about cooking. And as a food lover, I wanted to try different recipes and do it in a simple version of mine. I have read complicated food blogs. So, I made this blog to help others, especially those on beginner level to learn new but not difficult recipe that they can only find easy ingredients at home.

"with a name like FOOD,
it has to be GOOD"

Cooking is also for someone with huge interest in it like me. As long as you like food and love eating don’t give up. Try to try until you make someone heart’s happy. It’s okay makes a mess sometimes, eventually, you will get the right blend. Prepare the meal from your heart and label it with LOVE. You will see happy faces and satisfied tummies and that precious moments with your loved ones want you to capture, makes your heart flutter. So, don’t hesitate to spread the love by posting pictures, share recipes, and document it, especially in every important event of your life.

On this blog, you see special events and the foods that prepared on occasion. Each recipe has instructions to follow. In addition, I will give personal reviews of the restaurant that I’ve visited and shared some of my experiences. There’s a brief discussion of its history to have the idea of food origin. I hope you will enjoy and love this food blog. Feel free to comment or send me a message. It’s a compliment. 

Cheers! 😉