"with a name like Food, It has to be Good"


Nothing completes a meal quite like a special sweet. Make tonight a little extra-special with these desserts.

Kamote Turon

Cassava Roll (Kamoteng Lahoy Turon)

Another Pinoy favourite gets an update with this simple recipe. Cassava or kamoteng kahoy makes for a healthy snack that provides just the right kind of sweetness minus the extra guilt.


Red Bean ice candy

Red Bean or Munggo ice candy is a very popular ice candy in the Philippines together with the other flavors such as buko, mango, melon and chocolates.

ice scramble

Scramble Blush

Everybody will surely enjoy this easy-to-make sweet icy treat, a perfect way to cool down during warm summer days.

coffee jelly

Coffe Jelly in Coconut Milk

Add a twist to your regular cup of coffee with this cool coconut recipe. With a bit of gata and pandan mixed with sago gulaman, this cold coffee drink transforms into a perfect summer treat!